Spring and summer sessions

Hello everyone!

I’m taking a much needed moment to do a little updating on the ‘ole blog here. I feel like after my kids, my husband, my first job, my shoots, and all the other things vying for my attention, my poor blog is whimpering in a corner, begging for a crust of bread. It’s a dismal picture, to be sure. So here are some bread crumbs, little starving blog.

Firstly, April is proving to be quite busy indeed. Only the last weekend in April has any openings left, so be sure to hop on the May train and book your shoot before it gets too hot outside! Of course, maternity and newborn sessions wait for no one (babies are neither early nor late- they arrive exactly when they mean to!), so as long as you’re keeping in contact with me ahead of time, we’ll fit those in.

And lastly, the wonderful Schmidt family. I’ve been photographing these lovely people practically since I met them, and I get so much pleasure in watching and documenting their family. I love the dreamy feel of these particular pictures… every session sort of takes on a life of its own and this one was very peaceful and light. I will definitely not tell you to look closely for the treats we we’re using to bribe Miss C into letting me take her picture.

Happy Monday!

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